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I have a stand of hoodies in my bedroom

A short story i wrote for Trent Month of Halloween of 2022
With 3 different endings for the reader to choose

A little foreword

I couldn't decide how i wanted my story to end, so i included all 3 endings in my submission to trent. i thought i'd include all 3 endings for you to read as well. I've decided a few days after i submitted my story that i'd like for ending #2 to be my canon ending, while trent chose to read ending #3 to be his canon ending. Listen to his reading of this story and all the other stories on his youtube channel!

Ok now on to the story

I have a stand of hoodies in my bedroom that I love very much. It's a tall wooden pole with hooded outerwear of many colors for every occasion hanging off of it. It also has a wide brimmed hat sat atop it and it stands right next to my door. Before I leave my bedroom in the mornings, I grab whichever hoodie I feel like wearing and head out to have a good day.

But in the nights as I'm trying to fall asleep, the stand looks a lot less welcoming. The figure silhouetted in the dark standing by my bedroom door scares me at night. Every time I look at it, it looks back at me, as if it were a shadow person.

Accounts of encounters with shadow people that I’ve heard of have stated that they don’t really do much besides watching before slowly fading from the spot they’ve stood in. Maybe that’s because only the survivors live to tell tales of the shadow folk that only watch, but I'd like to stick to my rationalization that all shadow people are watchers. Mostly because that makes me feel safer.

On the note of making me feel safer, I’ve managed to get onto the train of thought that in many ways, maybe we’re the shadow people of other living things when we watch them. What does the sloth on its branch think when the bigger human with its beady eyes stares at it from an inch away? How does the goldfish in its bowl feel when a finger won’t stop tapping on the glass of the only space it's ever known? Does it feel frightened? Annoyed? Confused? Maybe it doesn’t feel at all, I personally wouldn’t know.

I often wonder if they’re scared of the bigger creatures in the world, those smaller fellers. And though I don’t intend to come across as mean and scary, there’s a strange comfort I’ve found in thinking maybe some of them are uneasy of me.

For example, just the other day when I was stopping to smell a flower, I noticed an aphid going about its day. I wanted to get a better look of the aphid for the sake of looking at the little guy but it kept trying to scuttle away from me. I kept thinking… Why’d it keep doing that? It didn’t need to be scared of me, I wasn’t going to hurt it in the slightest.

So then I get to thinking… if the aphid didn’t need to be scared of me, maybe I wouldn’t need to be scared of whatever was looming where it loomed.

ending #1 [show]

ending #2 (my canon ending) [show]

ending #3 (trent canon ending) [show]

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