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A limerick i wrote for Trent Month of Halloween of 2022

There once was a dude named Trent
Who uploaded a spooky announcement
    Right there on my screen
    For this year’s halloween
An invite to write for enjoyment

We could type up a script of sheer horror
Or poems of season pre-winter
    Or send in a story
    That wasn’t too gory
By the 25th day of September

I wasn’t too sure how to start
To write of the fear in my heart
    My brain I did rack
    Soon I was on track
To finish off my work of art

But as the set deadline drew closer
I somehow became so much busier
    I had so much to do
    And the writing was due
By the 25th day of September

I suddenly found myself scared
That the rush left my writing impaired
    Would it come across rude?
    Would it come across crude?
Should I send in what I had prepared?

So I stopped and I took a quick breather
To help me stay calm and remember
    That goals, I had none
    Besides writing for fun
By the 25th day of September

Well now that my thoughts are serene
I’m finding myself rather keen
    To have my attention
    Trained on the collection
of writings, this Trent Month of Halloween!

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